Since 1992 Tecnolam uses the best production technologies for the metalworking, main element in the creation of furniture for dentists.

A 25.000 sqm production plant where 100 employees cooperate following the rules recommended to achieve the quality requested by the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 rules.

From highest precision laser cut, to painting up to assembling: a path optimized to handle at best the orders.

From the construction of standard units, for modular lines suitable in every room, to design solutions, related to comtemporary and sophisticated trends, developed on designers’ and architects’ projects.

Dal 2011 Tecnolam è ancora più sensibile al tema dell’ambiente, e utilizza al proprio interno l’energia prodotta dai pannelli solari che ricoprono l’intera superficie aziendale. Since 2011 Tecnolam is even more sensitive to the environment, and uses for its own system the energy produced by the solar panels that cover the entire surface of the company.